Happines Ani

“Women can always surmount their challenges when they work together.”

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About the founder

Mrs. Happiness Ani is the Chief Executive Officer of H’honie Pristine Services, a Nigerian brand famous for producing amazing body mist and house hold items. She is the founder and president of Abuja Moms Empowerment Foundation, she is an entrepreneur, a social reformer, and woman empowerment enthusiast. She is passionate about creating extraordinary contribution to humanity.

Happiness believes that women can leverage the power of numbers to create meaningful impact and change. She believes that women can always surmount their challenges when they work together.
She founded the platform Abuja Moms based on her conviction that women are indoctrinated by society and media to believe that they compete against themselves. An attribute she firmly stands against and find worrisome.

Mrs. Ani is a strong advocate in championing women emancipation and empowerment. The group Abuja Moms keeps growing everyday and has over 41,000 women from all social strata of Abuja FCT.

She is a graduate of Federal Polytechnic Nassarawa with HND in Business Administration, PGD in Business Administration, Nassarawa State University, Masters(in view) Business Administration, Nassarawa State university, Keffi.

Mrs. Happiness continues to work actively in pushing and breaking all barriers that holds a woman down.

Her goal is to build a strong community where every women no matter who you are or where you come from can call home.