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Together We Can Support Vulnerable Women

Over the past couple of years Abuja Moms Empowerment Foundation has been at the forefront of supporting low income families in Abuja.  Unarguably, the school resumption month (September) is usually a difficult time for most low income/underserved parents in Nigeria due to the pressure of paying their children’s school fees and providing school essentials like school bags, new uniforms, school shoes, textbooks and other school essentials required for the start of a new session.

The Abuja Moms Back to School project is an initiative that works to ensure that all students from low income homes in our communities receive quality learning opportunities and support.

According to UNESCO, Nigeria has the highest Out –Of-School Children in Sub-Sahara-Africa of which the highest number lives here in the Northern part of Nigeria. As committed change makers and mothers we want to fill in the gap and be there for these children.

So, every school resumption year we call for free will school bags and other school essentials donation from our members on the Abuja Moms social platform and other Individuals.

We are to glad to say that thousands of children living in the FCT has benefitted from the back to school project. With your support, we can bring about lasting change.

Millions of people have been displaced due to violence and conflict in Northern Nigeria. The people who survived are placed in IDP camps made available by the government.

Women fleeing insurgencies risk various exploitations including rape and hunger on the road to safety. The Federal Government is making every effort to ensure that peace returns to these regions. Abuja Moms through its foundation and her firm commitment towards helping the needy in our society visits IDP Camps twice every year with food items, clothing, medicals, and other domestic items which are shared as a means of support to the internally displaced persons. 

The highest cause of these deaths during childbirth is bleeding; this situation can’t be handled anywhere asides from the clinic; however millions of indigent women don’t go to the hospital because they lack funds to procure the MANDATORY DELIVERY KIT as requested by every hospital in Nigeria. This has necessitated the Abujamoms empowerment foundation’s project: 20,000 FREE maternal delivery bags. This move would push a lot more women to birth in clinics and not with local birth attendants.

This project is geared towards providing sanitary pads to teenage girls. We visited Government Girls Secondary School Dutse, were all 1,844 students were given pads for free.

Abuja Moms Widows Window ₦50,000 grants for 21 widows who are over 60 years of age. 

For many years, we have been supporting Abuja mothers and mothers to be through our evidence based projects.

The global pandemic has force us to rethink and adapt the way we live. We must include women in our recovery plan– they are the greatest hit of this pandemic. You can help a woman build back stronger by supporting women’s full and free participation in the global workforce and economy. Learn how Abuja Moms Empowerment Foundation is transforming the lives of thousands of women through Abuja Moms Free Skill Acquisition –an initiative that focuses on training women in various economic and leadership skills for free. A project that works to mobilize  women who are in the leadership position, champion of industries ,successful entrepreneur’s with knowledge and skills to transfer same to a fellow woman for free.

We are proud to say that this project has benefitted thousands of women in Abuja FCT.

This project helps children from underserved families who are thrown out of school because they were not able to pay their school fees or not able to afford school uniforms and some other needed school items. We believe that every child deserves to be in school.

When a child is struggling to cover up torn school uniform, that child hardly concentrates in class. When a child goes to school barefooted or with slippers, it dampens his or her self esteem and sometimes makes them withdraw from associating with their peers.

Abuja moms back to school initiative works to ensure that every child gets an opportunity to education, especially those who are from low income homes. We call for donations from individuals and corporate bodies. To support this initiative, you can make cash donations, or send in school bags, shoes, or other school supplies to our office.


Abuja Moms walk against child molestation to enlighten the public on the dangers, law and punishment for offenders. It was a heart wrenching moment watching children and mothers recount their ordeal in the hands of molesters.

Many attested to getting closure after the awareness as they could finally channel the ebergy that came with the pain towards the walk and equally speak up at the same time. Abuja Moms urges the law enforcement agencies to ensure that child’s right law is enforced and offenders brought to justice. 

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